Glamping Domes - rewilding in Alaskan wilderness

Rewilding in Nature: Glamping with a Twist

Expansive freedom is found in Nature. We would do well to spend as much time there as possible! Rewilding is a global environmental and ecological restoration movement that’s been steadily gaining momentum. The term rewilding was originally coined by Dave Foreman, founder of the Rewilding Institute, whose mission continues to reintroduce lost animal species back into Read More

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Greenhouse Dome - Pacific Domes

The Ecoliving Earth Day Dome: Green Walls to End Indoor Air-Pollution

“Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation” — Pacific Domes, Inc. Celebrating Earth Day, April 22nd, Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon would like to take the opportunity to introduce the concept of living green-walls to raise awareness of the important role that plants play in cleaning up toxic indoor-outdoor air pollution. On Earth Day we can Read More

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Dome Home - Pacific Domes

Ojai, California Eco-living Dome

Published in House and Garden Magazine, Shawn Hausman’s dome in Ojai, California is a futuristic architectural landmark that inspires sustainable living. A conventional house was never an option for Shawn Hausman, a nationally recognized interior designer. Though he originally envisioned treehouses for his plot of land, Hausman chose a dome home made by Pacific Domes Read More

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dome home

What are Domes? Advantages of Geodesic Dome Homes

“Geodesic Domes are known to be the strongest, lightest, most efficient shelter devised by man”. Pacific Domes, Inc. What is a Dome Structure? Dome shelters, such as the primitive tribal mud hut have been around since man’s earliest attempts to create shelter. In architecture, a dome is defined as half of a hollow sphere that Read More

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