Outdoor Adventure Skills Programs: Ropes Course Dome Structures


Portable Ropes Course Geo Dome Kits for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes
“Our geo-engineered structures are built to withstand extremes.” — Pacific Domes Inc.

Take the challenge! The ropes course challenge, that is! There’s never been a more exciting opportunity for you to build your eco-adventure or outdoor skills & education package than with our customized skill-building Ropes Course Domes.

What is a Ropes Course Dome?
In case you’re new to the concept of Ropes Course Domes, the emphasis is on hands-on experiential learning and skill-building events involving physical and mental challenges. Obstacle courses test people’s physical and mental abilities, tempting them back to see what they can conquer with each new attempt.

The fundamental motivation in all ropes courses is to build strength, co-ordination and problem-solving skills. Some challenges can be very physical, building a certain level of endurance and hands-on confidence; while others are more mental, requiring creative problem-solving.

When working with groups, you can build an entire series of planned trials around interactive problem-solving challenges that require teamwork. This builds team spirit and encourages social interaction in a fun-filled environment.

Uses for Ropes Course Domes
According to recent studies, Adventure Theme Parks that installed ropes course challenges grew by a huge 40%!  Are you seeing some opportunities?

With many events taking place throughout the year, there are limitless opportunities for ropes course domes to enrich every experience.  Festival Domes for Ropes Course Companies are popular at such events as Burning Man, an annual festival in the Nevada Desert.

Whether you’re a start-up venture, existing organization or business looking to grow your operation, it’s a thrilling time to be a part of this expanding industry. To inspire your spirit of entrepreneurship, here are just a few more ways that Ropes Course Domes can be incorporated into various organizations and creative enterprises:

  • Outdoor Experiential Learning Centers
  • Summer camps & Outdoor Education
  • Outdoor Athletics & Sports
  • Schools, Churches & Special Needs
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Eco-tourism and Eco-resort packages
  • Cruise Lines and Ski Lodges

We’re here to help!
Envision limitless possibilities to build an entire theme around a ropes course dome! Our in-house staff is here to inspire your dreams with 3-D renderings.

Pacific Domes is an award-winning family-owned business, based in Ashland, Oregon. We’ve been proudly manufacturing made in the USA domes from U.S. steel since 1980. In addition to manufacturing the best geo-engineered structures in the world, what we love to do most is find creative solutions to satisfy your needs and requirements!