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Permitting Your Geodesic Dome

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Permitting Your Geodesic Dome

Permit Approved
Building Permit Approval Process

If you’re considering purchasing a dome shelter, you will want to investigate permitting guidelines. Whether you’re wondering about permitting a temporary shelter for an event, a semi-permanent or permanent dome home or greenhouse shelter for your property, you’ve come to the right place to learn more. After more than 40-years in business, Pacific Domes has set a precedent by assisting our clients get their plans approved.

A building permit may extend beyond just erecting your structure. Typically, it may include site prepping, such as grading, plumbing, mechanical and electric. It may include obtaining a permit for building your deck.

Most building permits are acquired through your local building department and are specific to your area. Although our free-standing geodesic domes are considered temporary structures, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. We hope you’ll find the following permitting guides helpful along your journey:

Many zoning and building departments have a limited understanding of prefab geodesic dome construction due to the fact that they spend much of their time dealing with conventional residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Pacific Domes believes that it’s up to you to educate those frequently overworked officials by presenting them with professional engineering blueprints and site plans that will help them interpret code on your behalf – in your favor.

Pacific Domes can help. That said, it, also, helps to let your building department know that…

R. Buckminster Fuller, father of the modern-day geodesic dome, received a gold-medal award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1970 for his contribution in developing the geodesic dome.

The AIA citation reads… “The American Institute of Architects presents the 1970 Gold Medal, the highest honor it can bestow, to Richard Buckminster Fuller, engineer, inventor, mathematician, educator, cartographer, philosopher, poet, author, cosmogonist, industrial designer and architect, whose ideas, once considered visionary, have now received national and international acceptance. A man responsible for the design of the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised by man. A man who has used himself as a laboratory of human response, who has at all times concerned himself with the social implications of his discoveries, who has understood that real wealth is energy, and a man whose objective was humanity’s success in the universe.”

Recently, Pacific Domes discovered a great YouTube video interview with, Nick, a Zoning specialist who has over 15-years of experience. You may find answers to many of the questions that you might encounter along your journey… “ZONING EXPERT teaches us ALL of his SECRETS: Domes, Yurts, Glamping, and more.”

Additionally, Pacific Domes has created several ‘How to Guides’; as well as videos, available on Pacific Domes YouTube channel. Visit with one of our Customer Support Representatives for expert advice on permitting your dome project.

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