How To Set Up A Glamping Resort in Mexico PART 3/4

Here you are, taking control of your destiny and re-imagining a new future for yourself as an exotic glamping (glamorous camping) entrepreneur. Eight months ago you were sitting in your office scrolling through Mexican real estate listings, dreaming of a better way to spend the next chapter of your life, and today you are standing in the middle of your very own slice of heaven, feeling the warm Central American trade winds kiss your face as they cut across to the north.

The time has come to realize your dream… living like a blissful semi-retiree in your very own lush tropical paradise while simultaneously making money by transforming it into a pay-for-stay dome glamping resort in Mexico, cashing in on the enormous and growing global trend toward simple, conscious eco-travel.

The glamping industry is HOT, and savvy business-minded people are taking advantage of what is adding up to a simple recipe for success. As travelers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds embrace the trend toward environmentally conscious, back-to-basics vacationing, cheap land + proper structures = the way to pay for the piece of heaven you’ve always wanted to own.

So here you are… standing on your dream! Feet planted firmly on Mexican soil. YOUR Mexican soil. So what is your next step? How do you make this spacious natural getaway pay for itself? Well, it’s time to work up a design plan and outfit your new purchase with unforgettable structures as you transform your terra firm into a bona fide Glamp Ground.

mexico, domes, glamping, resort
It is easy to add a dome to your glamping resort in Mexico and it increases style and appeal

The goal of a Dome Glamping Resort is to make your visitors happy, and the design of your site plays a huge part in how they perceive their experience. According to How To Start an LLC, ‘a glamping business’ layout must give guests plenty of space to enjoy an intimate and private experience close to nature. To do this, glamping sites must be larger than traditional camping sites. Making sites small in order to fit more sites on a property will hinder long-term success, because it will negatively affect each guest’s experience.”

The same concept applies to your glamping structures. So forget about tents. Glamping is glamorous camping, after all… and anyone can do tents. To make your investment pay off, you have to offer something far more luxurious than the basic tent structure. You’re looking for something beautiful, but capable of withstanding Nature’s extremes. These structures need to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. And bottom line matters. You have to take practical logistics into consideration as well as aesthetics.

Because the foundation of glamping is about getting close to the great outdoors, you don’t want too many barriers between your clients and the greatness of Mother Nature. You’re also looking for structures of varying sizes to accommodate overnight stays for individuals, couples and families… plus a structure to serve as a headquarters or community dinner hall where everyone can get together. It pays to think about how all the spaces will be used, both inside and outside… for example setting up a playground area with a jungle gym where parents can still see their children as they relax near the accommodation.

So what is an answer to the equation that takes into account all these variables? And what is going to make your Glamp Ground stand out as a place where the Glory of Nature and the beauty of pristine, unique architecture meet? What separates your Eco Resort from the others, while still driving down that bottom line?

mexico, glamping, domes, geodesic domes
Conecting multiple domes together creates more space and variety

Allow us to present the geodesic dome. Right off the bat, you’re struck by the beauty of this structure… equal parts natural simplicity — like an immense honeycomb cell — and futuristic mystique. Whether nestled in a tropical mangrove or starkly flanking arctic cliffs, these structures withstand the most extreme weather phenomena, including high magnitude earthquakes, windstorms, wildfires and snow/rainfall. Often the only structure still standing after hurricanes, the geodesic dome has won awards from the American Institute of Architects for being “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.”

With the beauty necessary to lure travelers seeking inspirational remote vistas, and the brawn required to withstand nature’s extremes, the geodesic dome is a solid WIN for anyone ready to plant their flag in the fertile soil of the eco hospitality industry.

Available in varying sizes, smaller dwell domes can be used as glamping tents while a larger dome can serve as the community dinner hall or headquarters. You can even use a geo-climbing dome for your play area!

While these structures look incredibly futuristic and intricate, they are surprisingly easy to erect, especially if you choose to purchase prefabricated dome kits from the world’s first and foremost geodesic dome manufacturer, Pacific Domes, Inc. These kits provide an easy solution for entrepreneurs ready to outfit their little pieces of paradise.

mexico, pacific domes, geodesic dome, dome gamping resort
Construct your geodesic dome on a piece of beautiful land for a dream getaway

Their USA-made galvanized steel frames are composed of interconnected triangles, veiled by covers of architectural fabric that are both flame and weather resistant.

Ventilation: In moderate temperatures, strategically placed removable window screens around each dome keep them comfortable. Window fabric roll-ups and screens at the base of the dome allow for cross ventilation. The screened zip off roof option can be added for additional ventilation as well.

Solar Fan: Powered by the sun, solar fans are an environmentally friendly solution that optimizes air-flow, while controlling temperature and humidity.

Winter Liners: Winter liners are designed to be flame-proof and resistant to mold and mildew. Detachable velcro window panels provide insulation from the outside cold.

Wood Stove: Even the tropics can get cold at night. Maintaining comfy temperatures in the midst of winter weather is easy with a cozy wood-burning stove. Dwell Domes come with an optional stove vent flashing and cap for wood stove installation.

Energy Efficiency: One big economical advantage of a geodesic Dwell Dome is the dome’s superb energy efficiency. Dome studies have shown a 30% and higher energy savings over comparable-size traditional structures. Due to unobstructed interior and exterior air-flow, geodesic domes enhance ambient air and prevailing breezes, making them naturally energy efficient.

Built to Last: The galvanized steel frames last indefinitely, while the covers have upwards of a 20-year lifespan.

How many Dwell Domes do I need?

mexico, geodesic dome, glamping, dome, dome glamping resort Mexico
Set up multiple domes to accommodate your glamping guests

This depends on the size of your Glamp Ground area, but successful eco-resorts have as few and six and as many as twenty. Furthermore, many modern urban families are setting up single domes in their backyards and renting them out via AirBnB and paying their mortgages that way. You are limited only by the size of your development and the amount of liquid capital you have to invest.

With numerous powder-coated color options for the steel frames and fully customizable covers, your Eco-Resort can be as unique and beautiful as you want it to be.

Your guests will be thrilled to listen to the tropical rain fall while they watch the stars orbiting overhead through the clear vinyl roof panels. How romantic and captivating for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon in a Love Dome, or for families to come together and eat in a Community Kitchen Dome. You can individually stylize each dome, and your guests will help do the promotion for you by sharing their beautiful vacation photos via social media. Everyone will want to know who to call to book a stay in these beautiful domes on your very own tropical paradise.

Now you’re almost ready to open your Dome Glamping Resort in Mexico for business. What do you to do continually attract visitors? Read on to learn more about promoting your beautiful life dream, your very own Eco Resort.