Global Glamping Adventures


Our Zen Domes were created to uphold our shared goal of Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation.” — Pacific Domes, Inc.

Ecotourism travel to exotic destinations can be the adventure of a lifetime or quickly devolve into your worst nightmare. Global Glamping (glamorous camping) is fast becoming a way to experience a uniquely organic and safe get-away holiday, while enjoying resort-style creature comforts and amenities.

As nature’s perfect ecoliving structure, Zen Domes are transforming the eco-tourism landscape! Global Glamping Eco-Villages are riding the wave alongside Ecotourism, and making travel to remote far-away places possible.

global glamping eco-villages
Tandem paragliding over the Whitepod eco-village in Switzerland.

Eco-hospitality lodging is a source of revenue for rural communities that rely on tourism to boost their local economies. You’ll find your hosts are happy to satisfy your whims in order to make your stay the most memorable vacation ever!

Due to their superior geo-engineering, Zen Dome shelters keep you safe from nature’s extremes during heavy snows, high winds and earthquakes. With a well-connected network of Eco-Villages worldwide, Zen Dome Glamping in a pristine nature setting affords you peace of mind while you take in the local scenery and whatever else tickles your fancy.

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Zen Domes Illuminate with Natural Light
Nothing compares with the warmth of natural lighting. The ambiance of Zen Domes is all about getting up close and personal with nature.

global glamping
Getting cozy in the Patagonia Eco-Camp dome.

The non-dogmatic principles of sacred geometry employed in Zen Dome construction go back thousands of years, evolving into the modern day geodesic dwelling. The frequencies of Zen Dome dwellings vibrate in resonance with the powerful harmonics found in nature, thus enabling deeper states of relaxation.

Dome Air Flow

Energy Efficiency  
It doesn’t get much better than this! Enhanced by unobstructed ambient air and energy flow, dome studies have revealed a 30% heating and cooling efficiency. From freezing winters to blazing summers, you can simply lay back in comfort in an energy efficient ecoliving Zen Dome.

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