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Faith Glamping Domes: The NASA Inspired Costa Rican Hotel

If your heart yearns for an exotic getaway you’re sure to fall in love with Faith Glamping Domes (FGD), the Costa Rican luxury camping hotel inspired by NASA. Overlooking the pristine, white-sandy beaches of Playa Grande, this Costa Rican retreat lies immersed in the lush biodiversity of the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge – it’s truly an enchanted, romatic spot where one can de-stress and reconnect with Nature’s beauty and tranquility.

Faith Glamping Domes: The NASA Inspired Costa Rican Hotel

Faith Glamping Domes is an eco-hospitality glamping resort, nestled in the very thick of nature. A stay in one of the six futuristic geodesic-engineered domes gives visitors a magnificent view of the tropical canopy as they drift off to sleep gazing at the luminous stars or the radiance of a full moon.

What’s not to love about nature, beach, glamorous camping (glamping) and traditional culinary adventures? Especially, when you can enjoy a unique eco-hospitality stay in one of the super-clean, tastefully furnished and comfortable glamping domes outfitted with resort-style amenities just steps away from your very own private beach entrance.

The dome eco-village provides shelter under a lush forest canopy – Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge 

Blending the Best of Both Worlds – Rest and Entertainment

FGD’s location is perfect for combining leisure travel with other tourist destinations around the Caribbean. If you’re wanting to relax on a white-sand beach overlooking panoramic vistas of a turquoise ocean, you’ll find it less than a 5-minute drive from the glamping resort. When you’re ready for a more social, party-like vibe with a wide range of tempting, traditional dishes, the perfect tourist attraction is Puerto Viejo, located just minutes away.

The town of Manzanillo and the Wildlife Refuge National Park is only a 10-minute walking distance. How about taking the Bri Bri Village Cocoa Tour or exploring the countryside with one of the local tour guides?

With so many inviting attractions to visit, you’ll be tempted to extend your holiday vacation by more than just a few days and vow to return again and again.

glamping, glamping dome, glamping tent, glamping optionsThe bay window lends an open jungle view

From Dream to Reality

Award to Faith Glamping Domes - Dept. of Tourism

Faith Glamping Domes – Costa Rica has just received the Marca Pais award from the Ministry of Tourism.

As a child, FGD owner Andrea Sanchez, dreamt of becoming an astronaut. In pursuit of this dream, she ardently wrote weekly letters to Costa Rican-born astronaut, Franklin Chang-Diaz.

Andrea recalls a childhood promise she had made to visit NASA in Houston, Texas, USA. Years later, she was able to realize that promise. And, it was during that visit she learned about geodesic domes, a NASA project to explore life on Mars.

It’s from that inspirational visit to NASA that the vision for Faith Glamping Domes was birthed. In pursuit of a dream once again, Andrea began plans to make this a reality – from searching for NASA’s geodesic dome supplier to clearing spaces through dense, over-grown forest, this entrepreneur brought the dream of Faith Glamping Domes eco-hospitality glamping hotel to life.

If you’re seeking an inner-journey experience, don’t hesitate to ask Andrea about coordinating yoga, mindfulness meditation, sound healing or any other healing modality that might interest you.

glamping, glamping dome, glamping domes, glamping tent
Your own little dome pod just a couple hundred yards from the beach

Faith Glamping Domes Eco-Hospitality Resort is Growing

“When you support small business, you are supporting a Dream.”  ― Andrea

Faith Glamping Domes, where you can relax and experience deep inner peace, has been welcoming visitors since April of 2017. The eco-resort presently hosts five 16’ domes representing the 4-Elements, with the fifth, the Love (Amor) Dome sitting at the center of everything. A sixth dome, the 20’ Harmony Dome offers visitors a high domed skylight with added spaciousness for leisure comfort.

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A great romantic getaway, the centrally situated Love (Amor) Dome, represents the universal love energy that permeates all of creation.

Facing majestic ocean views and backed by a variety of tropical fruit-laden trees, two front domes honor the earth elements of Water (Agua) and Fire (Fuego).

Completing the four elements, the interior-facing domes of air (Aire) and earth (Tierra) offer a secluded Zen-like ambiance.

Tropical Fruit

About Dome Science & Design

A dome isn’t just a random shape. It’s a purposeful space that’s rooted in the ancient science of Sacred Geometry.

Every aspect of dome design has a meaning that correlates to a mathematical frequency. A dome’s energetic qualities vibrates in harmonic resonance with our natural surroundings promoting relaxed states of wellness and inner peace.

Crystals have been embedded beneath each dome’s platform to increase the domes’ energetic level – you sleep better and wake up feeling energized!.

You are sure to see monkeys at Faith Glamping Domes – and, if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a sloth

What to Expect from this Unique Dome Glamping Experience

Plan a romantic escape with your partner to the Caribbean beaches for an unforgettable experience at Faith Glamping Domes, Costa Rica! At FGD you can expect all the amenities of resort-style hospitality. You’ll stay in an air-conditioned dome with Wi-Fi connection, your own private bathroom and queen-sized bed (orthopedic mattress for maximum comfort).

Your stay, includes, private parking with private entrance to Playa Grande. You’ll be ready for the day’s adventures when you wake up in the morning to a satisfying continental breakfast (included and served at the dome).

Faith Glamping Beach, Costa Rica
Watch sunsets at the beach just a few hundred yards from the domes

You’ll want to experience this unique glamping stay for yourself!

Always friendly and attentive to your needs, your host – Andrea, embodies the warmth and color of the rich, indigenous Costa Rican culture – you’ll feel truly pampered.

If you’re captivated by Faith Glamping Domes Costa Rican hospitality, as much as its appreciative guests, who’ve left raving reviews, you’ll want to make reservations soon. For Reservations Call: 8723 0101 or 2750 0696