Ecoliving Tiny Houses for Sale


Prefab Tiny House DIY Kits for Sale by Pacific Domes

“Living Large in a Tiny House Dome” — Pacific Domes Inc.

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Tiny houses have moved beyond trendy to fit many lifestyles and pocketbooks. While a minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone, the tiny house movement has been embraced by many as a new norm for what ‘living large’ means to them.

Has watching your favorite home improvement channel left you excited at the prospect of ditching that mortgage for the benefits of a simpler tiny house lifestyle? If so, you may want to explore some of the many options in tiny house construction before deciding what suits your needs.

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Why Ecoliving Tiny Houses?
The Tiny House Revolution is viewed by some as the antidote to high mortgages, property taxes, congested suburban sprawl, commuter trains and traffic jams.

Today’s on-the-go society has created modern-day nomads who already spend much of their time outside the home, due to long work-related commutes.

Dissatisfaction with the current economic downturn has many innovative folks looking outside of conventional housing at alternatives; but did you know that you could build your own DIY tiny house dream without prior skills?

Eco-Living Domes / Dome Homes by Pacific Domes (2:44 min)

Be sure to visit Pacific Domes and explore the benefits of prefab tiny house DIY kits for sale. Learn about the ‘How to’ of dome construction. You’ll find other useful tips, such as cost, social and environmental impact; and a gallery of photos-n-ideas for furnishing your Tiny House dome.