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Veteran's Village Kins Community (VVKC) Domestead

Veteran’s Village Kins Community (VVKC) is a self-sustaining domestead community nestled in the high-desert hillscapes of Golden Valley, Arizona – just a short 30-min. drive north of Kingman and approximately 80-miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada – home to the famed Hoover Dam.

“The well-plannedcommunity provides a place for veterans to heal, have a support group and work with the earth to gain balance back in their lives.”

Bruce Perlowin, VVKC Founder & CEO – Hemp, Inc.

Whether you’re interested in sustainable, regenerative practices; such as, home-grown produce, permaculture, alternative building methods, natural healing modalities or industrial hemp farming, you’re sure to find something to peek your interest. According to its founder, Bruce Perlowin, VVKC isn’t just a healing place for veterans, “Veteran’s Village Kins Community is a back to the land movement similar to the sixties – but, with a template”.

About Kin's Community Veteran's Village Kins Community

2021 VVKC Events

An aerial view of Veteran’s Village Kins Community (VVKC) – “Arise Freedom Tour 2021”

Arial view of Veterans Village Kins Community

Arise Freedom Tour 2021

Drum Circle at VVKC Domestead

Driving to VVKC

When driving down Arizona’s 1-40, you’ll be dropping down to an elevation of just above 2,800 feet. If traveling during summer months, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that mid-morning, summer breezes are quite comfortable to drive in! After stopping to fuel-up at Kingman, you’ll continue north on to US Hwy-93 towards Las Vegas. Of course, if you’re coming from Las Vegas, you’ll head south on US Hwy-93. As you continue driving, you’ll pass the more visible neighboring community of Dolan Springs before taking the Cottonwood Road exit (mile marker 45).

Driving west on a well-maintained dirt road to Amana Street, your eyes might catch a distant glimpse of what appears to be a surreal Martian landscape dotted with dome-like structures. Driving on, you’ll pass several privately-owned desert properties sparsely dotted with chaparral bushes. You’ll veer south for another 5-miles (10 minutes) towards a panoramic view of a stark volcanic hillside that serves as a backdrop for the VVKC domestead.

First Impressions

As you approach closer to the VVKC entrance, you’re struck by the vastness of the 500-acre domestead. You might be tempted to ask, “Why would anyone want to build a community out in the middle of the desert?”. The short answer is that, according to geologists, Golden Valley is supplied by a deep underground lake (aquifer) that can supply the area for at least 100-years. A deeper dive, might reveal that VVKC’s founder envisions the land as a place of healing and transformation – not only for the people that are drawn to come here, but for the healing of the land, as well.

It will soon become obvious that beautifying the desert is a high priority, because the provisionally unpaved streets are lined with fruit trees, pomegranate trees; as well as, flowering native species and other blossoming trees that thrive in the desert. Blending harmoniously with the desert landscape, you can count seven domes of various sizes that may be nearing completion (as of Dec. 2021). You’ll find ample parking near the centrally located domestead office.

What’s a Kins Community?

Kins Community Design for VVKC

A Kins Community is a “settlement” owned and developed by people who prefer living with Nature, rather than in cities. The origins of a Kins Community is described in a series of books titled, “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” by Vladimir Megre. It’s a pandemic-proof model for living sustainably and close to the earth, that has nurtured and sustained human populations for thousands of years.

Each Kins Domain is surrounded by a living fence, which serves as an aesthetic boundary marker rather than a barrier. There is, also, 1-acre allocated to grow hemp, a pond, an organic garden, natural beehives, a family tree for future generations, and an eco-house. With multiple Kins Domains within the community, this creates a type of urban environment that’s a harmonious blend between urban development and Nature.”

VVKC grows a variety of farm-to-table foods. What’s unique about the VVKC model, is that it allows for each 2.5-acre Kins Domain to designate an acre to grow hemp.

Hemp Growing - Veteran's Village Kins Community (VVKC) Domestead

Individual investors (aka hemp growers) are invited to cultivate commercial hemp in order to generate revenues and produce CBD products. Hemp growers dedicate their project to a veteran or a group as a way of showing gratitude for service to our Country.  

Bruce Perlowin’s evolving vision and mission for the Veterans Village Kins Community is that it’s designed to grow, produce and make products that benefit veterans, generate revenues for the residents, and support the holistic healing and learning center at the heart of the community. Each dome serves a specific function. The largest, a 60′ dome is designated as the learning center for Hemp University; as well as, to host large events. When fully completed, the dome will be equipped to live-stream Hemp University courses.

Our hemp growing Veterans Village Kins Community (1-min)

With the Farm Bill being passed, hemp is now legal to grow in all 50 states, territories and indigenous nations. The Veterans Village Kins Community in Golden Valley, Arizona has partnered with Hemp Inc. to cultivate and produce hemp products.

VVKC Contact: Phone: + 1 (866) 436-7420 / Email:

A tour of the VVKC domestead promises to be inspiring and rewarding. By calling ahead, you’re sure to connect with one of the residents, who’ll be happy to show you around the 500-acre Veteran’s Village Kins Community! There’s so much to take in and learn about the self-sustaining domesteading lifestyle – we hope you’ll feel right at home among like-minded spirits and decide to take a deeper dive into becoming a domesteader.