VR Gaming Domes

The Future of Gaming, Augmented Reality Environments

Full range of movement, total immersion, and complete interactivity without a bulky head set or goggles. This is the Augmented Reality Gaming Environment of the future, and what Pacific Domes provides with our Virtual Reality Gaming Domes. Research done by Miami University’s Department of Psychology has proven that “The fully immersive system [of projection domes] induced the highest sense of presence, and the head mounted display system elicited the highest amount of simulator sickness.” The choice for the future is simple.

Projection Gaming Domes

Pacific Domes provides the perfect Virtual Reality Gaming Domes with our powerful, constantly evolving, immersive and interactive technology. The fetching combination of geodesic architecture with cutting edge VR Technology transports the audience into an Augmented Reality experience where the line between what’s digital and what’s real seems to disappear.

VR Future: Lose the Goggles, Enter the Hive!

HIVE is an acronym for “highly immersive virtual environment,” exactly the type of experience Pacific Domes has been providing with our VR Gaming Domes. In a SimLab which requires specially constructed technology and 570 m2 of physical space, the untethered tracking of users provides a unique opportunity to explore the frontier of Interactive, Immersive, Virtual Environments.

Gaming in Augmented Reality

The Pacific Domes Virtual Reality Gaming Dome creates the perfect environment for full immersion in an augmented reality. The dome is a platform for state-of-the-art technology and creates an impressive, realistic, and out of the ordinary gaming experience.