Dome Sweet Home: Domesteading to the Rescue

Dome Sweet Home: Domesteading to the Rescue

You’ve never built anything before?… No worries!

Building and creating a homesteading lifestyle on a remote off-grid property comes with a learning-curve. It goes without saying, that one of the first priorities is shelter. An ecoliving prefab dome kit allows you to take baby-steps in living more sustainably –  even, if you’ve never built anything before!

Whether you’re part of the recent urban exodus, just starting to explore the homesteading lifestyle or you’re already well-acquainted with the challenges of growing a self-sufficient homestead, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring why we believe setting up an off-grid Dome Sweet Home might help you jump-start your journey.


If you’re excited about the prospect of what an off-grid domestead offers, you might like to know that there’s no need to go it alone. There’s people, just like you, pursuing the same goal of a self-sufficient, freedom-loving lifestyle.

When you find those like-minded individuals, you’ve upticked your chances of creating a successful  domesteading lifestyle. We invite you to explore Micro-communities as a great way to thrive during these times of extremes.

About Kin's Community Veteran's Village Kins Community

“A Kins Domain is something you own that can be passed on to future generations. I believe this vision for Kins Domains is a solution to help heal people and our planet.”Bruce Perlowin

A Kins Community is a back-to-the-land movement – with a template. It’s owned and developed by people who prefer living in harmony with Nature, rather than in cities. Head on over and take a look at how a model desert community, the Veteran’s Village Kins Community, is pioneering the way.

Pacific Domes Sales Team

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a prefab dome can be!

If you’re excited about the domesteading lifestyle, Pacific Domes has over 40-years of industry know-how to help you on your journey towards building your dream. Consult with one of our friendly Customer Support Reps today!