Buckminster Fuller_Eames Office_Glimpses of America

American Innovators & Icons – Buckminster Fuller, George Nelson and Charles & Ray Eames

  Article Synopsis: American visionaries with a shared perspective. Collaboration Project – American National Exhibition, Moscow 1959. Current exhibitions of these designers’ visionary works in Milwaukee WI, Los Angeles CA, and Oakland CA.   Among the most influential American designers of the mid-20th Century, husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames — shared with their contemporaries …Read More

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From Living in LA to Living in a Dome on the Range

DOME DWELLER INTERVIEW featuring Curran Boyle and his 24’ Dwell Dome Home In this interview we speak with Curran Boyle, Experiential Designer, dome dweller, husband and father. Part visionary, part strategist, Boyle spends his days thinking about ways to improve modern public spaces. He is passionate about conveying how emerging technologies are relevant to people’s environment/experience. …Read More

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Amazing Futuristic Architecture: Could Geodesic Domes be the Buildings of the Future?

It’s no longer something you see in Star Trek or some sci-fi movie! Amazing futuristic architecture is happening now, and you’re likely to live long enough to see dreams, once considered far-off future goals, realized. Soon you, too, can be living the life of your dreams! According some futuristic companies, such as Pacific Domes International, …Read More

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Catskills Dome-Pacific Domes

Tips on Dwell Dome Security for Rural & Remote Locations: How to Protect Your Dome

Keep Your Dwell Dome, Your Loved Ones And Your Valuables Protected Eco-loving folks, like you, love the prospect of living in a Pacific Domes Dwell Dome! Perhaps you’ve been lured by the tranquil rural lifestyle or dream of creating an off-grid wilderness retreat… yet you’ve  been wondering about security and have some valid concerns on how …Read More

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The Ecoliving Earth Day Dome: Green Walls to End Indoor Air-Pollution

“Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation” — Pacific Domes, Inc. Toxic Environmental Air-Pollution is everywhere these days, extending into our interior living and working spaces. No need to panic, though! With Earth Day just around the corner, ecoliving Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon would like to take the opportunity to bring awareness to the concept …Read More

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Dwell Dome Family Homestead

“A family homestead is a person’s small individual homeland… close relations live here − relations by blood and in Spirit.”  ― Vladimir Megre, Kins Domains How do you envision your future world? Are you among those who’ve said ‘no thanks’ to futuristic living in a technological society controlled by robots? If you would rather envision …Read More

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