Best Geodesic Tents: What are the Key Features to look for

Best Geodesic Tents: What are the Key Features to look for

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Looking for expert tips on purchasing geodesic tents? In this post we’ll cover the main features to look for when it comes to choosing the perfect geodesic tent shelter, aka geodome tent. Whether it’s for temporary or permanent shelter needs, we’ve got you covered – no pun intended.

Geodome tents, not only look awesome, they serve a number of multiuse functions. With so many tent types on the market, you want to feel confident that you’ve made the best investment, so let’s dive in and explore some key features.

16-ft. Event Dome

As the name implies, geodome tents are freestanding, portable and easy to assemble with just a few hand-held ratcheting tools. Domes come in a range of sizes from 16-ft. to 120-ft.

Wondering what comes in a geodesic tent kit? Kits come with a variety of customizable options and accessories, too.

Why is the geodesic dome tent so strong?

From wind-swept deserts to arctic snows and tropical rainforests, geodome tents have proven to be the strongest human shelter known to man. These geodesic-engineering works of wonder are often the only structure left standing in the aftermath of natural disasters – such as, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

How is a geodome constructed that makes it so strong? Inter-connected triangles allow the freestanding frames to remain rigid and stable when exposed to nature’s extremes.

Why is the geodesic dome tent energy-efficient?

Geodome tent shelters have been built all around the world in all types of climates. A dome’s architectural structure is one of the most energy-efficient interior spaces because air and energy circulate without obstruction. This enables heating and cooling  to occur, naturally – proving domes to be the most energy-efficient human shelter one can find.

A closer look at energy-efficiency

Dome studies have established that a dome’s interior has a 30% heating and cooling efficiency.   A dome’s curved exterior surface forces air and wind up, over and around the structure. 

  • The concave interior creates a natural airflow allowing hot or cool air to flow optimally throughout the dome with the help of return air ducts.  Specifically, air and energy circulate unobstructed.
  • Extreme wind turbulence is lessened because winds contributing to heat loss flow evenly around the dome.  It acts like a giant downward reflector that concentrates interior heat, preventing radiant heat loss.
  • Decreased surface area requires less building materials.  Exposure to cold in winter and heat in summer is reduced, due to less surface area per unit of volume.
dome frame with loft structure

Interested in building with a prefab geodome kit?

If you’re interested in building with a prefab geodome kit, you’ll want to watch the ‘How to Build a Dome’ video series beginning with the Introduction on Pacific Domes YouTube channel. You’ll, also, want to visit Pacific Domes Knowledge Base and explore the list of How to Guides.

How much does it cost to build a geodesic dome?

Prices vary depending on dome sizes and customization options. Visit Pacific Domes online store for standard kit prices.

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