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Become everyone’s favorite dining hub ‒ move your eating establishment to an outdoor private dining dome tent! ‒ Pacific Domes, Inc.

On Sale Dining Dome Tents

During the past few months, many restaurants have been forced to close their indoor dining facilities due to social distancing guidelines and regulations. This has challenged eating establishments to search for alternative methods to service their patrons. Offering customers a private fresh-air option where exposure to the virus is less likely to occur, may provide the key for restauranteurs who wish to remain Covid-compliant. Visit Domes on sale.

dining dome, dining tent

Among the few safe options available to restaurant-goers just emerging out of self-isolation, private outdoor dining dome tents allow guests to rediscover the open-air dining experience.

dining dome, dining tent

Take advantage of your unused outdoor spaces ‒ sidewalks and parking lots! Your patrons will love your new Zen-like outdoor dining options!


Design Your Own Load-Bearing Dining Dome Tent

Do you want to attract attention and stand out in the crowd with custom printed logos or design? What do you have in mind? Our expert team is here to help you create your ideal tent. With over 40-years of industry expertise, we’re here to offer our services. We also have field crews to professionally install and secure your dome tent.

3D Renderings of your Site Plan

Our 3D artists can help your company visualize your custom dome with your graphics to simulate the environment you plan to construct around it. Click here to view more 3D Renderings.

Select Your Dome Size & Color

Sizes from 16’ to 120’. Our dome frames are made from galvanized steel. The steel dome frames, in conjunction with the geodesic design, creates an amazingly strong structure using a minimal amount of material. Powder-coated frames

Custom Printed Tent Covers

Host your event in style! Add logos, signage or imagery Deliver a lasting impression with your brand printed on a geodesic dome cover. 

Dome Engineering

Our geodesic-engineered domes a designed for both internal and external weight loads to support lighting and sound equipment. Pacific Domes offers an in-house structural analysis upon request.