Beautiful Backyard Makeovers with Resort-style Amenities by Pacific Domes


From Boring to Simply Beautiful!
Rediscover the outdoors in your own backyard by creating the perfect leisure and recreation hang-out for your family. When the weather is an invitation to be outdoors, you’ll love how Geodomes extend your living space and inspire all kinds of fun activities!

backyard makeovers, geodesic
20′ backyard domes

From sleep-overs to outdoor parties, the open design of a Geodome backyard oasis creates a warm atmosphere that provides shelter and shade for year-round entertainment. By incorporating a couple of hoop door entrances, the dome becomes a versatile arena when hosting gatherings.

Pacific Domes - Air ChairAdd some ambiance to your favorite outdoor décor with resort-style amenities. One of the best additions is a hanging air chair, floating bed or hammock with weight capacities ranging from 250 lbs. – 350 lbs. Click here for Dome Accessories

It’s So Comfortable That You’ll Be Tempted to Relax for Hours!
Enjoy some down-time in this hammock air chair that’s perfect for indoor-outdoor use. This air chair includes arm rests, a foot rest, a cup holder and a pillow rest for your head.

This Pacific Domes air chair is not your typical hammock, as it’s constructed with a 1’ layer of nylon webbing around the edges, tensile strength UV resistant rope and hardwood oak dowels.  All these quality features extend the longevity of the air chair.

Pacific Domes Air Chair Set-up (3 min. 28 sec.)

  • To insert the dowels, bend and wiggle the series of knots that form the cup until you can slide the pole in. Inserting the poles in the knotted hole caps makes sense once you hang the air chair.
  • There’s 2 upper armrests on either side of the chair that insert above the shoulder and knee area. There’s also one that goes across (from left to right) above the chair. Start with inserting this one in each the knotted hold cups (along black-rope line approx. 12” from upper corner).
  • The next 2 poles go into the hole cups that attach to the upper and lower left & right sides of the seat. The shortest pole is for the independent sling that’s for the footrest

You and your guests will love spending time outdoors in your private backyard geodesic oasis manufactured by Pacific Domes.