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4 Sale Tent Shelters for Eco-Adventure Camps & Glamping Resorts

  Trendsetting ZenDome Tent Shelters for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes “The future will belong to the Nature-Smart, those individuals, families, businesses and political leaders, who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world; and, who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature …Read More

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Eco-Adventure Glamping: Portable Prefab Domes

Promoting Nature-smart cultural Eco-tourism ― Pacific Domes Inc. During these unprecedented times of change, one thing is a certainty, people are re-assessing what’s important in their lives and exploring alternative e-commerce opportunities. Giving rise to one such e-commerce opportunity is Eco-adventure glamping (glamourous camping). Eco-adventure glamping is one of the largest and fastest-growing global tourism markets. …Read More

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The Hempire Strikes Back with Commercial Greenhouses

How A Million-Dollar Hemp Eco Business Can Utilize Greenhouse Domes “Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation”  — Pacific Domes Inc. Biomimicry of Nature’s Earth Systems Biosphere Dome Projects are rising to meet the challenge of creating global environmental solutions to some of the complexities of living responsibly in our modern world through self-sustaining Biosphere Domes, …Read More

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Biospheres – Nature’s Systems

“Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are laboring in vain.” Leonardo Da Vinci BIOSPHERE 1 has been flourishing for millions of years as a perfectly balanced, self-contained and beautifully functional habitat planet. BioDomes attempt to integrate the innate intelligence found in Nature’s self-sustained ecosystems. BioDomes & …Read More

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Awesome Tent Theaters: Illumination Dome Magic Under the Stars

Mobile Event Tent Kits for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes “Because of its aerodynamic structure, geodesic domes are built to withstand Nature’s extremes.” — Pacific Domes Inc. Illumination Domes: The Perfect Outdoor Tent Theater Get ready for your next spectacular outdoor theater experience with dome magic under the stars in a geodesic tent theater!  Illumination …Read More

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Alicia Keys Concert Dome: Amphitheater Magic Under the Dome

Free-standing Mobile Event Tent Dome Kits by Pacific Domes “Because of its aerodynamic structure, the geodesic dome is built to withstand Nature’s extremes.” — Pacific Domes, Inc. Amphitheater Domes for Concert Venues Free-standing Amphitheater domes provide gorgeous structures around which to host your concert or event. The interior arena is entirely open to the whims of …Read More

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Mobile Immersive Projection Domes for Experiential Marketing

Mobile Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Projection Domes by Pacific Domes “Our VR Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Highly Immersive Virtual Environments for experiential marketing, entertainment & education technology.” ― Pacific Domes, Inc. Welcome to the persuasive power of immersive projection domes!  Activating every sense, VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) …Read More

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Science Works greenhouse dome

ScienceWorks Museum Outdoor Classroom: Supporting Nature Smart Learning

Portable Freestanding Outdoor Classroom Dome Kits by Pacific Domes “Building Nature Smart Communities is our passion.” — Pacific Domes Inc. ScienceWorks Museum, in Ashland, Oregon is a nature smart outdoor classroom that provides a powerful platform to teach young minds bio-diversity and respect for the Earth.  Supporting children’s innate curiosity to learn about the natural world, …Read More

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Dome home

Ojai, California Eco-living Dome

More than a decade has passed since House and Garden Magazine published a beautiful piece on Shaun Hausman’s dome in Ojai, California.  Fast-tracking to the present, Hausmann’s dome home still stands as a futuristic architectural landmark that continues to inspire a sustainable vision for living in harmony with our natural environment. A conventional house was never …Read More

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