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Ojai, California Eco-living Dome

Published in House and Garden Magazine, Shawn Hausman’s dome in Ojai, California is a futuristic architectural landmark that inspires sustainable living. A conventional house was never an option for Shawn Hausman, a nationally recognized interior designer. Though he originally envisioned treehouses for his plot of land, Hausman chose a dome home made by Pacific Domes …Read More

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Say “I do” in a Dome

This is a extremely sappy blog post about a wedding dome, get ready for some romantic jargon! Imagine floating down the aisle under a dove white geodesic wedding dome wearing the wedding dress of your dreams. Like the dome of an outdoor cathedral, the round structure merges the sacred space of a holy sanctuary with …Read More

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glisten camping pacific domes

4 Sale Tent Shelters for Eco-Adventure Camps & Glamping Resorts

  Trendsetting ZenDome Tent Shelters for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes “The future will belong to the Nature-Smart, those individuals, families, businesses and political leaders, who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world; and, who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature …Read More

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Adventure Glamping-Pacific Domes

Eco-Adventure Glamping: Portable Prefab Domes

Promoting Nature-smart cultural Eco-tourism ― Pacific Domes Inc. During these unprecedented times of change, one thing is a certainty, people are re-assessing what’s important in their lives and exploring alternative e-commerce opportunities. Giving rise to one such e-commerce opportunity is Eco-adventure glamping (glamourous camping). Eco-adventure glamping is one of the largest and fastest-growing global tourism markets. …Read More

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Greenhouse Domes-Pacific Domes

The Hempire Strikes Back with Commercial Greenhouses

How A Million-Dollar Hemp Eco Business Can Utilize Greenhouse Domes “Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation”  — Pacific Domes Inc. Biomimicry of Nature’s Earth Systems Biosphere Dome Projects are rising to meet the challenge of creating global environmental solutions to some of the complexities of living responsibly in our modern world through self-sustaining Biosphere Domes, …Read More

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Biospheres – Nature’s Systems

“Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are laboring in vain.” Leonardo Da Vinci BIOSPHERE 1 has been flourishing for millions of years as a perfectly balanced, self-contained and beautifully functional habitat planet. BioDomes attempt to integrate the innate intelligence found in Nature’s self-sustained ecosystems. BioDomes & …Read More

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Treasured Love

Do you want to be unique? Adding a touch of elegance to your special day, a stately white geodesic wedding dome invites guests to partake in your blissful union in an unforgettable and unique venue. Pacific Domes has fully customizable wedding domes, so you can say “I do” against the backdrop of your dreams while …Read More

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Buckminster Fuller Dome at the Center for Center for Spirituality & Sustainability on the Edwardsville campus of the University of Illinois

Fuller Honored at Fuller Dome at Southern Illinois University

Father of the geodesic dome Buckminster Fuller is honored this week 50 years after publishing “An Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” a three-day lecture event was held at the University of Illinois Edwardsville Campus the event was sponsored by the Buckminster Fuller Institute and organized by Elizabeth Donoghue, Mentor for SIU’s Honors Program visitors toured the dome …Read More

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VENTURE Beyond in a VR Projection Dome

Projection Domes are event destinations 360° immersive experiences within a stunning Virtual Reality Build affinity with consumers and guests Capital One recently used the experiential power of a 44′ Projection Dome to build brand and product affinity with consumers in Denver. Through travel-themed 360° film projections, the Capital One VENTURE Dome became the launchpad for the …Read More

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Pacific Domes - Event Domes

Event Tents for Sale

The Superiority of Geodesic Event Tents Projection Theater’s Immersive Environment Current Inventory – Event Tents for Sale   Proudly made in the USA, Pacific Domes has designed and custom engineered event domes since 1980. Several Fortune 100 companies number among our satisfied event and projection dome clients.    Geodesic Event Tents are Superior Event Venues Engineered strength, …Read More

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Award-Winning Commercial Tents

Branded Domes and Uses Illumination Domes and Uses Projection Theaters and Uses Projection & Illumination Dome combined Are you ready to make an impact? No matter the size of your company or the scope of your event, trust award-winning Pacific Domes for your commercial tent needs. Since 1980, Pacific Domes has been designing award-winning commercial …Read More

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Coachella - Projection Theater by Pacific Domes

Video – Projection Domes & VR Spheres, Totally Immersive, Fully Spectacular

Projection Domes & Projection Theaters. VR Spheres. Brand, corporate and cultural events.     Explore the spectacular event spaces and experiences possible in a Projection Dome and VR Sphere. Working hand in glove with event creation and production teams, Pacific Domes provides custom design and manufacturing solutions. Our portable Event Domes, Projection Domes, Projection Theaters …Read More

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Bioneers Conference hero

Smart Minds, Bright Future

Article Synopsis: Bioneers – leading US based non-profit organization. Bioneers Conference Oct. 19th-21st, 2018, San Rafael, California. re:Dome Sessions – conference forums in the dome from Standing Rock.   Bioneers is a nonprofit organization that connects today’s most brilliant entrepreneurs, scientists, and visionaries with the goals of solving current environmental and social challenges. This past …Read More

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