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Get Inspired with Festival Projection Domes

Mobile 360° Projection Mapping Event Domes by Pacific Domes, USA “Specialists in Innovative Event Hosting Solutions, Projection Mapping & Décor” — Pacific Domes Inc. A spell-binding and truly immersive multi-sensory experience awaits visitors to a 360⁰ Projection Dome designed to give everyone the best seat in the house! Through the magic of Geodesic Engineering and …Read More

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Coachella 120ft Projection

2017 Coachella Music & Arts Festival: An Immersive Epic Experience

Magical Event Venues Happen Inside Our Projection VR Domes “Our immersive VR domes optimize your story to impact the collective story — Pacific Domes Inc. A truly spell-binding immersive experience awaited fans at the 2017 Coachella Music & Arts Festival as Obscura Digital unveiled its latest audiovisual spectacle in a massive 120 ft. projection dome …Read More

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Ultimate Festival Magic: The Show Begins with Illumination Domes

360° Mobile Projection Dome Theaters for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes, USA “Illuminate the world with the magic of 360 projection.” — Pacific Domes Inc. Captivating festival fans thru the magic of 360° projection, Illumination Domes light up night skies for miles, thrilling crowds with spell-binding performances. Let the Show Begin with Projection Illumination …Read More

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Eco Homes: On the Forefront of Alternative Eco-Housing

Portable Eco Homes by Pacific Domes “Live Large, Live Light in a Dome Eco-House” — Pacific Domes Inc. Non-traditional eco home dwellings are gaining recognition among educated consumers. With increased social awareness trending towards environmental stewardship, eco housing kits are also gaining popularity as alternative dwelling options with millennials, baby-boomers, and everyone in between. Dome-style …Read More

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Ultimate Zen Eco Houses: Award-winning Eco-Hospitality Glamping

Prefab Eco House Kit Sales and Rentals by Pacific Domes Prefab eco houses are powering up eco-hospitality commerce and fueling one of the hottest industry trends in glamorous camping, also known as glamping. Biosphere Responsible Tourism awaits nature smart entrepreneurs with limitless opportunities to innovate a rewarding business in eco-tourism. Creating a warm naturally illuminated …Read More

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Greenhouse Farming-Pacific Domes

Asha Deliverance: How Greenhouse Domes Benefit Organic Farming

A Tradition of Organic Greenhouse Growing at Pacific Domes We at Pacific Domes attribute our success to the large community of greenhouse dome enthusiasts that have sparked our design concepts and fueled our company culture during the past 35 plus years. You’ve asked if it’s possible, and we’ve responded with “Sky’s the Limit!” The tradition …Read More

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