5 Winning Outdoor Greenhouse Classroom Projects


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“Building nature-smart communities is our passion” — Pacific Domes Inc.

Outdoor greenhouse classrooms support the mounting evidence that natural sunlight and outdoor activities increase memory and learning capacity by up to 20%. We have only recently begun to take notice of the many benefits derived by relocating elements of traditional indoor learning to natural sunlight greenhouse classroom environments.

Along with added health benefits and improved learning, sustainability education in the outdoor greenhouse classroom provides a powerful platform to teach young minds bio-diversity and respect for the planet. Supporting children’s natural curiosity to learn about the natural world empowers youthful minds in the physical world, a flipside to technology-based learning.

Unnatural learning environments – from indoor lighting and greater emphasis on technological devices – are on the rise in schools. Children benefit from new sensory experiences, such as sounds, smell and the touch of plants. Being exposed to natural sunlight offers a positive re-balancing of biofields, and adjusts the mind to a more open and aware state for education.

Nature Smart learning in outdoor greenhouse classrooms provides children of all ages the opportunity to explore and learn in ways that encourage interaction in a natural environment. Children are more apt to engage and deepen their understanding by association through practical hands-on learning.

The school garden can become an immersive experiential teaching laboratory and serve as a multi-purpose gathering hub for fund-raising events. Here are 5 outdoor greenhouse classroom projects that are sure to be winners with children, educators and fund-raisers, alike:

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Dome It! A Summer Concert in a Greenhouse Dome

Dome It! is a community outreach program with a focus to teach children about the importance of caring about their health. Dome It has the ambitious goal to put a greenhouse dome on the grounds of every school, and fill it with the resources to grow and maintain fresh food from the greenhouse garden.

To that end, Dome It partnered with Pacific Domes to sponsor Ecopalooza, a Green Events Network, in hosting a free summer concert in Portland, OR. Pacific Domes was delighted to supply a 16’ tall greenhouse dome which served as an information booth at the event. The event was a success and raised awareness about the promising future of domes as outdoor greenhouse classrooms.

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The Science of Spring

The Science of Spring is all about introducing pre-school and elementary school children to seeds and plants by engaging in hands-on-activities in which they observe seeds, plant them and watch them grow. The site builds on a child’s natural curiosity by providing the opportunity to explore the life cycle of plants and can evolve into teaching awareness of planting seasons and plant needs.
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Teaching Biomimicry to Young Kids

Biomimicry is just as the name implies. It is the study of how nature does it and how we can take lessons from nature to find sustainable solutions to everyday living… this involves teaching young children to slow down and observe their natural environment.

The Biomimicry Institute has been providing lesson plans, curricula, and resources to help educators introduce their students to the inspiring concept and powerful innovation methodology of biomimicry since 2006. The Institute offers their curricula without charge for non-commercial purposes.

You can preview Biomimicry Institute’s resources without registering, however they ask that you join the Biomimicry Education Network (free) to download and use them in your work, as long, as you credit the original author or developer.
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Creating a Sentient Plant BioDome

The BioDome outdoor classroom affords young students practical hands-on experience in understanding the sentient life of plants; thereby, deepening their appreciation and inter-connectedness with the natural world.

The Sentient Plant BioDome Project at Los Feliz campus in Los Angeles, California has a cool new device for measuring and recording electrical signals from plants.

The Sentient Plant BioDome Project is made possible by ‘Phytl Signs’, a ‘wearable’ device for plants that measures and records electrical signals emitted by plants.

At the BioDome outdoor classroom, students connect the Phytl Signs device to a clip that’s gently attached to a leaf on a plant; and subsequently, to a stake that’s driven into the soil right next to the plant… both sensors capture and amplify the electrical signals that plants emit in response to their environment.

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Aeroponics, Aquaponics & Hydroponics

Tower gardens are great teaching tools inside the outdoor classroom greenhouse, and social media sites are full of teacher success stories in engaging students to learn more about the future of growing food. Aeroponics is a plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while nutrient solution is delivered to them in the form of a fine mist. Aquaponics refers to farming fish and plants together in a soilless, water-based system.

Paving the way for promising careers in outdoor education and greenhouse growing, Pacific Domes nature smart 360° solar domes create the perfect multi-purpose portable outdoor classroom by harnessing the natural power of the sun.

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