Top 5 Luxury Glamping Sites with Dome Shelters by Pacific Domes


Pacific Domes of Oregon, leading builders of Geodesic Dome Shelters for use as Eco Resort Accommodations, Glamping Retreats Lodging and as Portable Shelter Systems at leading Eco Tourism Sites around the world.

The dome is a resonating structure that attunes us to the Universal Energy
― Vaastu architect, Michael Borden

Hot Springs wellness resorts and health spas have had a long-standing courtship with the natural healing qualities of waters bubbling up from the Living Earth. With the advent of the portable geodesic dome, Hot Springs Resorts, can now offer the perfect synergistic environment for the natural therapeutic practice of Balneotherapy and Balneology… the science and art of mineral water therapy.

But, what does this ancient healing modality of bathing in a hot springs retreat share in common with a geodesic dome? Well, today, more and more educated people are re-discovering the body’s innate ability to heal itself through alternative modalities and the science of harmonic architecture; specifically, Vaastu attuned geo-engineered dome architecture.

Modern scientific research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists, lends support to the role of harmonic frequency in architecture as it relates to health and healing. The resonance of a Zen-like geodome shelter vibrates with a frequency that is beneficial to humans and their connection to the natural world.

Pacific Domes has been perfecting the functionality and beauty of their portable geodesic domes since 1980 in Ashland, Oregon. Pacific Domes is proud to have teamed up with InnerSense, Inc., Harmonic Resolution Therapy™ in creating a Resonant Dome with content for healing, entertainment and expanded states of mind.

InnerSense, Inc.’s therapy is a sophisticated vibration therapy, that utilizes light, sound, color, and tactile vibration to synchronize and cohere the sensory mechanisms. Merging ancient Vaastu geometry with powerful (InnerSense, Inc.) technology, portable yoga and meditation dome shelters by Pacific Domes joins InnerSense, Inc. in creating immersive spaces for transformational healing.

Which Hot Springs Therapy is good for you?

To assist you on your journey, Eytons’ Earth recommends the ground breaking work of Nathaniel Altman, “Healing Springs, The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters.” European balneologists have studied extensively the therapeutic qualities of mineral waters… mineral springs with different mineral content are often recommended above others for various therapeutic uses.

Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, Oregon

The WellSprings is a 30+ acre natural hot springs spa and events center located 2.5 miles from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

The WellSprings spa, event facilities and gardens offer a healing environment to relax, enjoy and gather. Home to the Health Research Institute, a non-profit sponsoring educational, botanical and environmental restoration projects, WellSprings is dedicated to promoting optimal human and environmental health.

Revered for centuries by First Nation tribes as a ceremonial and birthing site, the warm artesian waters on the shores of Bear Creek were dedicated by Eugenia Jackson in 1862 to “natatorium and sanitarium purposes.”  Renowned for its healing mineral waters at the turn of the Twentieth Century, Jackson Hot Springs was one of several mineral spring developments that attracted thousands each year to Ashland to “partake of the waters.”  One hundred years after opening its doors to the public, the warm artesian springs continue to offer relaxation and rejuvenation to Rogue Valley residents, Shakespeare enthusiasts, and visitors traveling the I-5 corridor.

(24') Jackson Wellsprings Yashpal Awning (1)

WellSprings Olympic-sized swimming pool receives 80,000 gallons daily of naturally alkaline, mineral water. Situated in an oasis garden setting, the spa facility is equipped with warm water soaking pool, private tubs, steam room, and sauna.  Revitalizing massage and warm water therapies and organic gardens complete the prescription for health and vitality.  WellSprings offers a variety of accommodations, including dome tent glamping.

WellSprings is transforming into an education and healing center and eco-resort, replete with daily classes and weekend workshops that encourage optimum human health and cultivate one’s interconnectedness with Self and Nature.  WellSprings staff, residents, and volunteers are committed to optimizing the property’s gardens and water features and to enhancing the facility’s healing modalities.  We invite you to “partake of the waters” at Ashland’s oldest, up-and-coming eco-resort and wellness center.

Miracle Camping at Miracle Hot Springs. Buhl, ID

Miracle Hot Springs Resort, a geothermal oasis in the desert, is located in Idaho, 10 Miles Northwest of Buhl or 9 Miles South of Hagerman on Highway 30.  The resort hosts are super nice and you’ll be impressed at how well it is maintained.

Rejuvenate year-round in the best-feeling alkaline water on earth and experience some of its healing benefits. The constant pH of 9.6., chemical-free flow of natural hot spring water is odorless, soft to the touch and so very relaxing.


Every member of the family can enjoy the luscious hot water at Miracle Hot Springs. 4 outdoor general admission public pools are kept cooler in the summer and warm in the winter… the perfect temperature to relax, exercise or play.

Soak & Swim in 15 Private Hot Pools with separate dressing rooms… available on a first come, first serve basis. Each private pool features adjustable temperatures; and, pools are drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water after every use.

6 VIP pools are designed for larger groups and can be reserved in advance. Each private pool is drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water after every use.

Like a vacation in one visit! Licensed massage therapists are on site and available during business hours. If you want to loosen tight muscles this is the place… your skin will feel sensational after a nice long soak!

Glamping Geodomes & Log Cabins

2 family-size Geodome glamping tents create a warm inviting ambiance with light penetrating water-proof skins. For your comfort, domes have 6 sleeping pads, a space heater/ fan and floors are heated by hot water.

The Queen and King Geodomes are fully furnished suites with either a queen or king bed, dresser, seating, a heater and fan. The queen suite is handicap-accessible; the king suite has extra sleeping pads (BYO bedding).

“Yoga in the Dome” is one of the more popular current events at the spacious Geodome Event Tent which is open to overnight sleeping (BYO bedding/padding).

To host your next spectacular gathering, meeting space or performance, reserve the spacious Event Tent, complete with long tables, folding chairs & frig.

Bathrooms are conveniently located close to domes and are rented by the night. Help maintain affordable pricing and bring bedding… no pets or smoking, please.

Creekside, Group Beach and Group Pond are 10 tent sites; plus, 10 RV Sites next to Salmon Falls Creek. Grassy areas, shade trees, fire rings, and picnic tables are included; each site provides 30amp electricity and water hook-ups.

Norris Hot Springs near Bozeman, Montana

Norris Hot Springs is located 33 miles west of Bozeman, Montana, on the south side of Rout 84, a quarter mile east of US HWY 287 in Norris, Montana.

Norris Hot Springs is a must-do for visitors who like soaking in live music as well as geothermal-heated water while enjoying food and beverages under the stars.

Norris Hot Springs-Pacific Domes 1jpg

Touted as “Water of the Gods,” Norris Hot Springs has relaxed visitors with its therapeutic, natural mineral pool since 1900 when weary railroad workers and miners took a break from the nearby gold mine. The pool measures 30 by 40 feet and holds 38, 000 gallons of chemically-free water maintained at 100 degrees in the summer and 106 cozy degrees in the winter. Drained each night for cleaning, the pool water continues its natural path to join the Madison River at Warm Springs.

Avalon Springs Healing Retreat & Eco-Village, Middletown, CA

Avalon Springs is an experiential learning environment, anchored by a healing hot springs retreat center and eco-village, located on 318 acres of rolling hilltop land in Lake County, California. Ten natural springs grace the property, including hot springs for bathing and drinking springs with therapeutic minerals including Lithium and Magnesium. The site operated as “Howard Hot Springs Resort” from the early 1900’s until 1974.

The Retreat Center includes a renovated and expanded lodge; new bathhouse, changing rooms, spa facilities, and lodging units to replace existing; as well as new meeting halls, library, and associated buildings. A natural canyon, the new site plan features a watercourse that is both a landscape feature incorporating water from the springs and a channel for storm water flows. The transformation and modernization of the facilities will improve energy efficiency and connect the spaces with the spectacular surrounding landscape. Proposed exterior materials include rock, straw bale with an earth-cement finish, and natural and salvaged wood.


An ‘Eco-Village’ for employees and timeshare guests is planned for the east side of Big Canyon Road, adjacent to an extensive food-producing garden. At full build-out, the Eco-Village will have 30 dwelling units and a Community Hall with communal kitchen and dining room, 15 guest and/or intern bedrooms, daycare facilities, office space, a new agricultural pond, gardens and a network of paths and roadways.

Avalon Springs aligns the most advanced green technologies, systems and philosophies to become a living template for an abundant economic, social and environmental future.

Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA

Harbin Hot Springs, is a tranquil New Age health resort in Middletown with clothing-optional communal soaking pools. Harbin Hot Springs is a favorite destination for those on a holistic pilgrimage to serene rural California.

Both Avalon Springs and Harbin Hot Springs are rebuilding after a devastating California fire ripped through the expansive 64,000acre wilderness area September 14, 2015. “We’re really blessed,” Dave Hamilton, a former resident, said. “There’s no damage to the springs and pools. That’s the essence of what Harbin is.” Kudos to this resilient community! They have been busy with reconstruction so you may have to call for periodic updates.