Television Show “Hit The Road Jack” Portable Dome


Element Domes, our UK distributor, was chosen to have their 90’ dome used as a portable television studio and have their event staff travel with the new road show. Jack Whitehall, a Channel 4 comedian, is developing a new comedy entertainment series called Hit The Road Jack, which will be filmed in Essex this March.

The show will stop in numerous cities where a mix of comedians and musicians will perform for local crowds. Producers describe the show as a “major entertainment event, which will be a mix of Jack’s stand-up, local celebrity guests, live music performances and larger than life local characters, celebrating the area and everything about it.” Like all pop-up venues it is only there for a brief time but while it’s there it’s the place to be!

“Hit The Road Jack” Portable Dome

“Hit The Road Jack” Portable Dome

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