Eco-Living Domes

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Eco-Living Domes Pacific Domes illuminate with natural light creating an atmosphere of being close to...


Eco-Resort Domes

Pacific Domes has created numerous world-renowned Eco-Resorts and Retreat Centers.


Glamping Domes

After first seeing a scenic dome village in a breathtakingly hard-to-reach location, one can understand why the...


Relief Domes

Dedicated to providing an immediate dome shelter for those in need Our larger domes can be used for warehouse...

Studio Domes

Art Studio Domes: Geodesic Domes are a wonderful space for an artist to feel inspired and creative.

Healing Domes

Vaastu, Sound Light, Sacred Sanctuary, Massage, Meditation Pacific Domes has partnered with Harmonic...

Ski Resort Domes

Guest House Domes “We put together the first dome hotel in the world.


Yoga Domes

Geodesic Yoga Domes The clear span geodesic structure allows for freedom of movement while the engineered...