Projection Spheres

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The world’s first Projection Sphere Your clients will experience magical worlds floating through inner earth,...


Projection Domes

Geodesic Dome Projection Projection Domes: The Pacific Domes Projection Dome is a 360°...

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Planetarium Domes

  Planetarium Domes: Pacific Domes is a natural fit for creating an out of this world...

Corporate and Convention Domes

Corporate Event and Convention Domes: Pacific Domes Event Domes become the hit of every trade...


Trade Show & Trade Show Booths

-Solutions that Transcend the Ordinary: Expanding on the synergetic principles originated by R.

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Promotional Tours

Enliven Your Event: Pacific Domes become the hit of every trade show, convention, and promotional...


Amphitheater Domes

Amphitheater Dome: Pacific Domes has created the first ever, rapidly deployable Amphitheater Dome.


Movie Set Domes

Movie Sets & Film Studios: The Pacific Domes Multimedia Dome tent is a large film studio with...

Sports Domes

Recreational Domes Sports Domes: Pacific Domes Sports Domes will enhance any sporting...

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Gaming Domes

Gaming Domes: Pacific Domes Gaming Dome creates the perfect viewing environment to be fully immersed...

Art Gallery Domes

Art Installation Domes: Pacific Domes are perfect for temporary or permanent art installations.


Performing Arts Domes

Set the Stage: Pacific Domes create a breathtaking atmosphere in which to showcase your performance.


Roof Top Lounge Domes

Roof Top Domes: Be on top of your skyscraper with a Pacific Domes Roof Top Lounge Dome.


Festival Domes

Music & Arts Festival Domes Pacific Domes is the market leader in event domes and has provided beautiful...

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Wedding Domes

Wedding Tents Celebrate in Style: Take your celebration to the next level with a Pacific...


Ice Bars

Burrr….Cold, but so very Cool! Magic happens inside our Ice bar domes.