Pacific Domes of Oregon – Geodesic Domes for Prana Fest – 2012

 Yoga Studio Domes and Mediation Studio Domes by Pacific Domes of Oregon, the industry leader in building Geodesic Domes for Event Marketing, Festival Promotion, Resort Shelters and Retreat Guest Accommodations.

Pacific Domes had three domes at Prana Fest 2012, a Kirtan Yoga Festival, located at the Jackson Well Springs in Ashland, Orgeon. Two domes, the Goddess Temple and Bee Domes, are permanent and they all hosted events, workshops, speakers and ceremonies.



The Goddess Temple dome was used for yoga, meditation, events, speakers and ceremonies. The dome is a quiet, easily accessible place in the back of the temple, next to the creek. It is a public sanctuary open to the public through Nov. 13, 2012.


The Bee Dome, used for workshops and events at Prana Fest also hosts the College of the Melissae, which teaches about honey bees, beekeeping and the spiritual aspects of beekeeping.


The third dome was used mostly for music, speakers and workshops.