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Our Representatives

Our sales representatives will help you design the dome of your dreams. They are available from Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 6:pm PST. You can email them at or call them at our Pacific Domes Headquarters 1 (541) 488 7737 or Toll Free 1 (888) 488 8127. For Europe, please contact us at

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Pacific Domes are found all over the globe. From the tundras of Alaska, to the deserts of Dubai, from the rainforest of the Amazon, to the ski slopes of Switzerland, our domes can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Pacific Domes, USA, makers of Amazing Escapes Domes

3D Renderings

Our 3D artists can help your company visualize your custom Pacific Dome with your graphics and simulate the environment you plan to construct it. Click here to view more 3D Renderings.

Pacific Domes Corporate Dome 3d Rendering

Domes Customer Service – Shipping & Returns

Our standard Production Schedule is 4-6 weeks (for each dome) from the date that a 50% deposit is received. We always do our best to meet client deadlines and work as quickly as possible, but please be aware that any orders placed with shorter delivery times will be charged a Rush Order Fee of 20%. Our shipping capabilities allow for us to ship outside of the USA, However, the costs vary greatly with the size of the dome. (Duty and import taxes are the responsibility of the dome purchaser. (Shipping timelines vary for ocean and airfreight.) For shipping sizes and weights of each “basic” dome package, Please check the appropriate dome size pages, (Upgraded frames and added components will increase the basic weights listed on our website.) Finally, Upon delivery, It’s up to you to inspect the product. If for any reason you find the product to be non-conforming: Simply submit a written within 10 business days after delivery. At this point you will be issues an RMA number (The product must be returned within 30 business days.)

Domes Manufacturer’s Warranty

Pacific Domes warrants its Products against defects in materials and workmanship for ninety (90) calendar days from the date the product is shipped. In case of defect Pacific Domes, at its sole option, shall repair or replace the Product. Pacific Domes further warrants that covers will not excessively degrade from exposure under normal conditions for 2 to 5 years, depending on the fabric or vinyl used. A cover has degraded excessively if it exhibits fading or loss of strength to the extent that Product cannot be used under normal conditions.

EventLite Fabric: Longevity: 5 years & Warranty: (pro-rated) 2 years

Sunshield Fabric: Longevity: 12 years & Warranty: (pro-rated) 3 years

Clear Window: Longevity: 5 years & Warranty: (pro-rated) 3 years.

This limited warranty does not cover any defect due to: modification or alteration of the Product; use not in accordance with Product manuals; neglect, misuse, accident, abuse or vandalism; unauthorized or improperly performed repairs; improper assembly, installation or disassembly; improper maintenance or unusual physical stress; improper storage; extreme weather conditions; acts of God; and wear and tear to vinyl appliques that may occur during assembly or disassembly of the Product.