How To Buy A Pacific Dome

Buying a dome is a great adventure. Let us walk you through it. 3 easy steps:
1) E-mail, call, or fill out our contact form
2) Check our On Sale Domes listing
3) Talk to a sales rep to dial it in

Rent A Pacific Dome

If you are planning an event, and want to rent a dome, we may be able to help. Some of our in-stock inventory can be rented. Just follow the 3 steps above.

International Orders

Pacific Domes are found all over the globe. From the tundras of Alaska, to the deserts of Dubai, from the rainforest of the Amazon, to the ski slopes of Switzerland, our domes can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Our Services

3D Renderings

Our 3D artists can help your company visualize your custom Pacific Dome with your graphics and simulate the environment you plan to construct it.


Design your dome to best utilize your site. Your door can be moved to the right or left, and round windows can be situated to fit your surroundings.

Brand Printing

Vinyl appliqués and digital printing processes of logos, brand graphics, and original art inside and outside of dome are available.



Our team of contractors can be hired to assemble and disassemble your dome into your event or facility.