Geodesic Domes – Geo Zomes in Harmonic Architecture

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New research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists strongly suggests that harmonic architecture may indeed have measurable effects in promoting more positive mental states. Additionally, recent data of physics and molecular biology explains and validates the environmental influence of shapes…demonstrating that human brain patterns are notably different in frequencies of harmonic architecture versus dissonant box-like concrete jungle environments.

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Harmonic architecture is a philosophy of organic architecture, which promotes harmony between human habitations and our natural world. Harmonic architecture stems from a reverence for the inter-connectedness of our natural world and champions the understanding that the human psyche cannot thrive when disconnected from its natural world.

Organic design approaches can be found in the study of ancient sacred geometry principles, where dwellings and surroundings become a unified, interrelated composition. Today, more and more people are re-discovering health and healing through the harmonically attuned architecture of geodesic domes and zomes.

To this end, Pacific Domes Sound-Light Meditation Dome studios become an integral part of the natural environment, synchronized to the frequencies of Universal Energy and encouraging total relaxation. Sound-Light Meditation Domes vibrate with cosmic energy enhancing the sensation of Oneness… this is the sensation that one experiences in a Vaastu Sound-light Meditation Dome.

Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon has partnered with Harmonic Resolution Therapy™ (HRT™), to bring you the Sound-Light Healing and Meditation Dome Studio. HRT™ therapy utilizes sound, light and color to induce deeper states of self-awareness, thus triggering the body’s innate capacity to self-heal.Yoga dome by pacific domes of oregon, builders of geodesic dome tents for yoga retreats, meditation retreats,

The word “zome” was coined in 1968 by Steve Durkee, aka Nooruddeen Durkee, by combining the words dome and zonohedron. A zome is a structure of unusual geometries and has a biodynamic relationship with the laws of our natural world.

Zomes can be incorporated into the meditation studio design or furnishings to create pleasing, harmonious and spiritually uplifting meditative spaces. Each zome design is unique and has emerged from an expression of shapes, patterns, symmetries, universal symbols and ratios found everywhere in nature.

Merging ancient Vaastu geometry with powerful (HRT™) technology, portable dome meditation studios by Pacific Domes joins Harmonic Resolution Therapy™ in creating immersive meditation spaces for transformational healing. Transforming our world begins first, with one’s own self-healing journey.

Immersive “InnerTainment” meditation studios created through the collaborative efforts of HRT™ and Pacific Domes are limited only by one’s imagination. Smaller portable meditation domes accommodate therapeutic beds to fit nicely in private homes; larger Sound-Light Healing and Meditation Domes are great for healing centers, retreat centers and on-the-road tours… transform your world today and watch how this will have a magical ripple effect in transforming the entire planet!