Our larger domes can be used for warehouse purposes, distribution of supplies, and also as a kitchen for food services. Our mid-range geodesic domes are perfect for classrooms and as portable medical centers, and our smaller domes provide a safe and weather proof shelter for displaced families.

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Medical Domes-ER-Pacific Domes

Festival Field Hospital Event Tents

Prefab ER Tent Kits for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes “The goal for public health at mass gatherings is to prevent or minimize the risk of injury or ill health and maximize safety for participants, spectators, event staff , volunteers and residents.”   —Northwest.Center for Public Health Practice   …Read More

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Standing Rock-Pacific Domes

Relief Domes for North Dakota and Beyond

Standing Rock Shows the strength and durability of our shelter domes. Portable relief domes from Pacific Domes can survive the harshest weather on the planet. Contact us for your portable shelter needs today. “There are constant reports of the geodesic dome being the only structure left standing after a blizzard, …Read More

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Pacific Domes Standing Rock

Pacific Domes at Standing Rock

Update on The Standing Rock Story: Standing Rock Has Become a Powerful Grassroots People Movement… A Clarion Call for a Peaceful, Benevolent and Triumphant Outcome! “Our Hearts are Linked in Solidarity with the Standing Rock Movement.” — Pacific Domes Inc. They call themselves “The Water Protectors” and they have united …Read More

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The Geodesic Dome Story

Pacific Domes of Oregon is the leading manufacturer of Geodesic Domes for use as Dome Houses, Emergency Shelter Systems, Event Tents, Trade Show Booths and Outdoor Event Canopies. Buckminster Fuller was a 1940’s inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician and cosmologist who replicated “nature’s own co-ordinate system” found in all spheres from …Read More

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Happy Birthday Bucky Fuller!

Launching Spaceship Earth Pacific Domes of Oregon, the world’s leading Geodesic Dome manufacturer, builds Geodomes for use as Tiny Dome Shelters, Geodesic Event Tents, 360 Degree Projection Theaters, Geodesic Greenhouses and Dome Climbers for Kids. As “Spaceship Earth” spirals into a future of radiant possibility, we find ourselves merging with …Read More

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