Why Is the Geodesic Dome So Strong?

“Geodesic Domes are the strongest, most energy efficient structure known to man.” — Pacific Domes, Inc. The American Institute of Architects calls the geodesic dome “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” Geodesic Domes are composed of inter-connected triangles that give them unparalleled strength. …Read More

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pacific-domes-3d-domes-rendering 2

Dome Cities: A Positive Timeline for Humanity’s Future (PART 2)

“Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation”  — Pacific Domes, Inc. Two Futuristic Architects Who Envisioned Domed Cities Conversations around futuristic-sounding domed cities pay tribute to the father of the modern geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller. ‘Bucky’ Fuller was way ahead of his time, with his classic masterpiece “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” …Read More

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Island Lodge Dome

How to Set Up the Ultimate DIY Base Camp

Portable Geodesic Dome Tent Shelter Kits for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes “Wherever you may wander, there’s no place like dome” ― Pacific Domes Inc. Built to withstand the most rugged terrains, the wildest winds and weather on the planet, geodesic domes have proven time and again to be …Read More

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Pacific Domes Standing Rock

Pacific Domes at Standing Rock

Update on The Standing Rock Story: Standing Rock Has Become a Powerful Grassroots People Movement… A Clarion Call for a Peaceful, Benevolent and Triumphant Outcome! “Our Hearts are Linked in Solidarity with the Standing Rock Movement.” — Pacific Domes Inc. They call themselves “The Water Protectors” and they have united …Read More

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The Metatron Project – Pacific Domes

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG A monumental fire has been ignited with the Standing Rock Movement and people worldwide are awakening to the importance of uniting during these critical times to stand up to the Dakota Access Pipeline’s forceful control of sovereign land and endangerment of our water supply. The Metatron …Read More

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Healing Dome-Pacific Domes

Geodesic Shelters – Baba Hariharananda Blessing

Pacific Dome of Oregon, in the building and manufacturing of our Geodesic Domes, has provided Dome Shelters and Event Tents for amazing Outdoor Performances, Corporate, Social and Religious Events like this Blessing by Baba Hariharananda. “A global vision to bring progress, and pioneer a futuristic and sustainable shelter that truly serves humanity” …Read More

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Ropes Course Dome-Pacific Domes

Ropes Course Challenge Domes Rock Your Neighborhood

Fun-filled Geodesic Domes Ropes Course Challenge Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon, manufactures Geodesic Dome Structures for Events, including building Festival Domes for Ropes Course Companies, offering amazing experience under our Event Domes. Take the Hilo Challenge and get ready for the most thrilling geodesic domes ropes course rocking neighborhoods since …Read More

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Telaithrion: Intentional Dome Home Community

Pacific Domes of Oregon is on the forefront of the development of Sustainable Communities. We built the famous Biospheres for the University of Arizona, Geodesic Domes Shelters and Biosphere Domes for Nasa’s Mission Mars Project, Dome Meeting Spaces and Geodesic Greenhouses for intentional communities across the globe. On the summit …Read More

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Crest 13 Geodesic Dome Havens Worldwide

Pacific Domes of Oregon is proud to work with Intentional Communities on the forefront of developing Sustainable Cities and Eco-Villages built with our Geodesic Domes Homes, Performance Event Structures and Geodesic Greenhouses. Crest 13 Geodome Community is the brainchild of an organization built around the creation of 13 or more communities …Read More

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