The Pacific Domes Projection Dome is a 360° fully immersive viewing environment. Our patented negative air pressure projection system is the perfect platform for state of the art 360° surround projection.

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Event Domes-Pacific Domes

Best Event Planning & Experiential Marketing Venues

Portable Tent Shelter Geo-engineered Domes for Events by Pacific Domes “We Bring Years of Industry Expertise in Creating Spectacular Immersive VR Dome Environments for Event Entertainment & Experiential Marketing”            — Pacific Domes Inc. ‘Virtual Reality’ and ‘Real’ worlds collide with dazzling spatially immersive displays rising to meet the design challenges …Read More

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EMC Projection Dome-Pacifc Domes

5 Social Impacts of Highly Immersive VR Projection Domes

VR Domes for Entertainment, Education, Collaboration, & Experiential Marketing “Our VR Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Highly Immersive Virtual Environments for entertainment and education technology.” ― Pacific Domes Inc. Highly immersive virtual environment (HIVE) projection domes are creating a new technological culture in the arena of augmented …Read More

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Projection Domes for Theaters

Projection Domes for Theaters and Planetariums

The Role of VR Domes as Entertainment & Educational Platforms… “Our VR Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Highly Immersive Virtual Environments for entertainment and education technology.” ― Pacific Domes Inc. 360° VR domes for theaters and planetariums play a key role in the future of interactive entertainment …Read More

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Baycrest Canada Pacific Domes

The Futuristic Vision of Virtual Reality Domes

Immersive VR Event Domes as Platforms for Communication by Pacific Domes Pacific Domes featured in TEDx “Brother, can you spare a paradigm?” — ED LANTZ, VORTEX IMMERSION MEDIA Two futuristic companies, Vortex Immersion Media and Pacific Domes partnered in a collaborative project to erect a permanent 44ft. Immersive Virtual Reality …Read More

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Baycrest-Pacific Domes

Virtual Reality Gaming Dome Tent at Baycrest

Baycrest ‘My Virtual Reality Dream Project – Collaborative Art & Science Initiative with Virtual Reality Domes by Pacific Domes Pacific Domes‘ Immersive Gaming Virtual Reality Dome was a tremendous success at Baycrest’s “My Virtual Dream” Project in Toronto, Canada. The award-winning U.S.A. manufacturer of Virtual Reality Domes for Immersive Gaming Environments, …Read More

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Meatwad-Comic-Con-Pacific Domes

Domed Event Tents for Rent – Comic-Con Meatwad

Pacific Domes of Oregon, leading builders of Geodesic Domed Theaters for use in entertainment and education. Domed Virtual Reality Theaters provide an amazing visual display, projecting emotive content, and an Immersive experience that the consumer will never forget. We work with the worlds leading Projection Theater Companies, including Obscura Digital, …Read More

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Spherical Projection Theater by Pacific Domes of Oregon

360 Degree Projection Theaters are pushing the envelope of the Immersive Environment industry, lending amazing tools to video content producers, Technical Universities working with Geographic Information Systems, Technology Museums and forward thinking Corporate and Event Marketing Managers looking for a show-stopping display for their next Corporate Event. The future of visual exploration …Read More

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