5 Ecological Benefits of BioDome Greenhouse Farming


Urban Greenhouses for Sustainable Agriculture
“Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Cooperation”
— Pacific Domes Inc.

Urban BioDome Greenhouses are steering the future of how we deliver fresh, nutritious and pesticide-free produce to consumers. BioDomes offer the perfect sustainable solution to our mounting food production and transportation costs.

BioDome Greenhouses are solving environmental pollution challenges in many congested metropolitan areas. In Nanjing, China for example, where poor air quality has reached unhealthy proportions, a pollution-fighting vertical “agritecture” building produces approximately 130 pounds of clean oxygen per day.

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5 Ecological Benefits of the BioDome Farm

  1. Strength: Arguably, the most obvious benefit is the superior geo-engineered strength of prefab BioDome greenhouses, making them the strongest greenhouse structure known to man. Due to their inherent ability to withstand the forces of nature – such as extreme temperatures, winds and earthquakes – geodesic dome structures have been erected worldwide.
  2. Sustainability: The second important benefit, aptly defines today’s buzzwords of building sustainably by weaving and leaving a light eco-footprint. Portable prefab BioDome greenhouses come in many sizes and are suited to sensitive Ecocentric (nature-centered) environments; and, they can be assembled quickly with basic hand-held tools.
  3. Spaciousness: Buckminster Fuller discovered the doing more with less principle, in that the dome encloses the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area, thus saving on materials and cost. Bucky Fuller reintroduced the idea that when a sphere’s diameter is doubled, it will quadruple its square footage, producing eight times its volume.
  4. Synergistic: A benefit derived from extensive research into bio-geometrical shapes, further fuels scientific conclusions that the inherent frequency of geodesic architecture produces the highest vibrational environment beneficial to both humans and healthy plants.
  5. Efficient: According to the Buckminster Fuller Institute, geodesic domes’ concave interior “creates a natural airflow that allows the hot or cool air to flow evenly throughout the dome with help from return air ducts. Extreme wind turbulence is lessened because winds that contribute to heat loss flow smoothly around the dome. Additionally, the spherical dome shape acts like a type of giant downward reflector, concentrating interior heat and preventing radiant heat loss.”

Pacific Domes builds prefab Greenhouses and Grow Dome Kits that are energy efficient and ideal for vertical towers, aeroponics, aquaponics and hydroponics. Browsing their gallery of geo-engineered greenhouse building systems is your first step towards exploring the benefits and versatility of geodesic domes as the strongest portable structure known to man.

Expanding on the synergetic principles originated by R. Buckminster Fuller, Pacific Domes has been working on perfecting the function and beauty of their portable geodesic domes for more than 35 years in Ashland, Oregon. Pacific Domes has pioneered sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution since 1980. This means… environmentally aware and sustainable.